Sandwich Wraps

Packing a sandwich to go is super easy with your new waxed wraps!  This is easiest to do with the larger wraps, available in our 7 Pack assorted wrap set, available on Amazon by clicking Here.  The 12 pack with 7 inch square wraps is available on Amazon by clicking Here.

Step 1

Place your sandwich in the center of your wrap

Step 2

Fold the sides up and around your sandwich, and then fold down until the wrap is tight across the top of the sandwich.  With each fold, press and hold the wrap for a second or two so that the head from your hands sticks the wrap together.

Step 3

Now fold in your ends, and you are ready to go!  Some people simply fold them in like the example below, or you can fold an crease to seal the ends in the same way you did the top.